Fundamental Questions To Ask Before Buying Health Insurance

Nobody plans to get hurt or fall ill, but these incidences can strike at any time. When this happens, the victim or patient needs to seek medical help, which can cause serious financial strains. 

Some people may opt to compromise on their children's educations or fail to pay for their mortgages. The best way to avoid financial problems caused by injuries or ailments is to invest in health insurance.

But, with so many types of health insurance, choosing a suitable plan can be difficult, especially if you get overwhelming offers. Instead of focusing on affordability, you should understand how health insurance works. Here are questions to ask your insurer before buying a policy.

What Types of Health Plans Are Available?

The first thing you need to discuss with the health insurance representative is the types of policies they provide. Medical plans are the most basic health plans, and they cover the treatment expenses when one is admitted to the hospital. Most hospitalization plans cover the whole family to a specific limit, so familiarize yourself with the details if you are interested in this option.

Another kind of health insurance is the critical illness plan covering certain life-threatening diseases. Such diseases may take longer to treat and change the patient's lifestyle. The payout for this plan isn't just for the medical bills. The monies can also be used to substitute for income, medicines, or changing lifestyle.

Will You Keep Your Doctor?

Each health insurance plan is linked to a network of providers — hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, doctors, and imaging centers. Every health insurance provider has signed contracts with the medical providers, and they have agreed to provide certain services to the insured members at an agreed amount. 

If your doctor or their hospital hasn't signed a contract with the insurance provider, the chances are that the insurer will not cover the bill or may require you to pay higher premiums. So, confirm if your doctor is in your insurer's network of medical providers. If not, you may need to change your doctor or the insurance company.

How Do You File a Claim?

Since emergencies occur at any time, you may need to file a claim sooner than expected. To avoid confusion or making mistakes that could lead to a denial, you'll need to understand the claim filing process from the start. 

Ensure you know the procedure and the documents required to initiate a claim. Some insurance companies also have cashless facilities, where you can get medical services without paying, provided the expenses don't exceed your plan's limit.

For more information on health insurance, contact a professional near you.

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