Is Direct Primary Care You Best Health Care Option?

Health insurance doesn't provide the only way to get the health care that you need, and a direct primary care plan could be a better option. Sometimes referred to as direct primary care insurance, direct primary care isn't actually like a traditional health insurance plan. Direct primary care uses a membership format rather than charging monthly premiums or copays. Read on to learn more about how direct primary care insurance works to determine if this service will meet your health care needs the best.

Who collects the membership payments?

You'll pay your primary care physician directly when you enroll in a direct primary care program. The membership fee is usually charged monthly, and the amount that you pay is determined by your membership level. 

Will my direct primary care physician accept health insurance?

Doctors who participate in these agreements generally don't take insurance and instead provide all the primary care that's needed as long as the monthly membership fee is paid. This can work to your advantage, as your direct primary care physician won't have to wait for an insurance company to approve certain treatments

Will I receive more attentive care if I have a direct primary care membership?

The level of care you receive always depends on the particular doctor and whether or not they practice good ethics, but you may get better care from your physician given that participating doctors usually see fewer patients than physicians who accept insurance. Direct primary care doctors can often spend more time with patients during each appointment to provide more comprehensive care. Your direct primary care physician won't be limited to what an insurance plan will cover, which may also result in better care.   

Can I still get health insurance if I'm part of a direct primary care program?

You won't be barred from getting health insurance if you also pay for direct primary care. Many people who have direct primary care plans also get insurance policies with high deductibles in case they need a health care service that their primary care doctor doesn't offer.

Is direct primary care less expensive than a regular insurance plan?

Costs vary, but a direct primary care service may save you money over paying monthly premiums to an insurance company. Health insurance rates can increase suddenly because of your age and other factors, and direct primary care providers usually charge fixed rates that don't fluctuate as often or as drastically.

Can a pre-existing condition make me ineligible to enroll in a direct primary care insurance program?

If you're currently dealing with a condition, such as diabetes or cancer, you can usually enroll in a direct primary care program without any restrictions unless a doctor isn't able to provide the particular service that you need. You can even sign up for most direct primary care plans if you're pregnant.

A direct primary care plan may offer you the most practical solution to your health care needs. Many people have been convinced to take part in a direct primary care program because of the simplified format and thorough medical care that patients often receive with these plans.

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